Textile curtains

Design, manufacture, installation.

Furnishing fabrics

We offer high quality furnishing fabrics for both public rooms as well as private space. Our wide selection of fabrics includes both the textile classics with the air of history as well as design fabrics by well-known European companies, manufactured by using the most up-to-date technologies. Ordering from catalogues.


Curtain and upholstery fabrics, accessories.


Fire resistant fabrics.


Romantic English print fabrics.


Extremely wear resistant upholstery fabrics.


Woollen upholstery fabrics.


Fire resistant fabrics.


Furnishing fabrics from different eras.


Curtain and upholstery fabrics.


Prestigious Textiles

Hanging systems

Technical curtains

All technical curtains are manufactured according to the measurements of the customer. An electric drive can be added for curtains with large dimensions or those installed at great heights. The curtains can be operated by a remote control or a switch.

Wallpapers and wall coverings

Home textile

Stage curtains

Outdoor curtains and sunshades

In recent years, many fabric manufacturers have come out with their collections of outdoor textiles. These are weatherproof acrylic fabrics that do not lose color or mold and are sufficiently wear-resistant. Such fabrics are perfectly suited for patio furniture, covering garden swings, or using as outdoor curtains that protect you from the sun or the wind. Electric marquise sunblinds and outdoor curtains, which are installed on the house facade, help to control the temperature and amount of sunlight indoors as well. The used materials are durable and weather-resistant. A weather sensor can be added to the driving gear.


In case of smaller works and well-considered wishes and needs, the selection of materials and designs can be performed in our showroom. Larger projects assume larger preparations. Usually, the first selection is made in the showroom, then the designer visits the object with the fabric samples and the final approval of the materials and the design is again made in the showroom. NB! The home visit of the designer is free of charge.